Nu Chi members actively participate and organize cultural events on campus which allow students to learn more about francophone culture through movie nights, trips, and cultural activities. Nu Chi members express their love for francophone culture by participating in events on campus such as Beret-Making Night, feature-length film screenings, French-Language Mass, and Mardi Gras festivities, as well as visiting francophone countries and regions of the United States.


Taking advantage of Dr. Angelini’s Visiting Scholars Program in Canadian Studies at Carleton University, students had the opportunity to visit the Canadian capital city in November 2010. On this educational trip to the bilingual city of Ottawa, students toured the Canadian Museum of Civilization and enjoyed the sites of this historical city. Students also toured the Parliament in a French-language tour.

New Orelans

In October of 2011, students had the unique opportunity to participate in le Grand Réveil Acadien (“Great Acadien Awakening”) in New Orleans, Louisiana. The “Great Acadian Awakening” encourages the Acadians and francophone people in Louisiana to embrace and express their unique culture. Students attended the first day of the conference, meeting Acadians and learning more about francophone Louisiana. Then students toured the city, experiencing the unique culture and customs that define the amazing city of New Orleans.

Beret Making Night 2010

One of the most popular francophone events on campus is the Beret Making Night. The beret is a symbol of France and also a typical stereotype of French people. French exchange students, as well as American students, meet to decorate berets, enjoy French bread and cheese, and discuss the origins of French and American stereotypes.


Mardi Gras Celebration 2011

Every year, French students organize a Mardi Gras celebration so students can learn more about the infamous celebration. Students decorate masks and learn about Cajun culture in Louisiana. Cajun food is served, including Gumbo and a King’s Cake.