Project 4

1. What did you learn? For one, I did learn about infographics and how maps can be an example of one. I learned how to use the live paint tool which can color specific sections of a composition. Lastly I learned how to make a banner using simple shapes. 2. What was easy? Something that… Continue reading Project 4

Project 3

1. What did you learn? I learned how arrange aspects of a package design. I also learned how to outline a bitmap logo and make a vector logo out of it. 2. What was easy? The easy part was arranging all the layers in the package design. Adding type and drawing a cup were also… Continue reading Project 3

Project 2

1. What did you learn? I learned a lot of new things with this project. The first thing I learned was how to create a texture from an existing photo. Another thing I learned is how to use the pen tool to create a layer shape on one of my images. 2. What was easy?… Continue reading Project 2

Project 1

1. What did you learn? I learned how to touch up images and make them look better. I did this by using a variety of tools such as the iris blur tool. 2. What was easy? The easy part was touching up the images to make them look cleaner. Another easy part was creating a… Continue reading Project 1

Lab 1

The photo I took looks much more amateur. The background looks sloppy and the photo quality isn’t the the best either. The image I acquired from Unsplash looks like a professional took the photo. The photo has a better background and overall looks cleaner with a higher resolution. I could not preform the scans of… Continue reading Lab 1

Hello world!

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