“Through The Looking Glass” What did you learn? In this project I learned how to take multiple layers in order to create an image that depicted a metaphor. I learned how to blend images in order to create a “real-life” looking photoshopped image.  What was easy? I found it easy to choose a metaphor that… Continue reading PROJECT 3 DWYER4

Dwyer4 Project 2 Color

What did you learn? I learned how to add depth using different gradients, while maintaining aesthetically pleasing images.   What was easy? I found it easy to create the buildings and images themselves. I found it easy to create depth using the different gradients. It was easy to figure out how to change the different gradient… Continue reading Dwyer4 Project 2 Color

Project 1 DMA214 Dwyer4

What did you learn? I learned how to use shapes to conceptualize words. It made me use deeper thought to create the rhyme using only black and white.  What was easy? It was easy to use figma in order to create forms out of shapes. It was easy to conceptualize the poem using only shapes… Continue reading Project 1 DMA214 Dwyer4

Figma File

What did you learn? It reintroduced me to figma and remembering how to use it.  What was easy? Starting the frame and drawing shapes was easy because figma is very user friendly.  What was challenging? Understanding how to combine the shapes to convert it to an image.  How could your submission be improved? More practice… Continue reading Figma File

Project 4

In this project I learned how to make a design in illustrator. It taught me new and useful illustrator skills such as making the banner for the town.  I found it challenging to fit all of the stores and small things into the map, which caused me to leave some things out.  The easiest part… Continue reading Project 4


I learned how to use illustrators at a new level. I got to learn new skills on how to make a real packaging design. I really enjoyed learning about this because I would enjoy package design. I feel it has helped me gain a better understanding of what effort goes into making package design. I… Continue reading Project3

Project 2

In this project I learned how I am able to uncover parts of the photo using the brush tool. I also learned how to use the smart object tool on photoshop, then by adding a mask to the smart object it allows you to use the brush to uncover and recover parts of the image. … Continue reading Project 2

Project 1

1. Using InDesign was a new skill I learned during this project. I had never been exposed to that adobe program. It wasn’t as hard as I’d thought it was gonna be in terms of what we were required to do. I also had not had as much experience with photoshop as I thought I… Continue reading Project 1


Top photo: Unsplash, Photo 2 Below: Iphone 11 The iphone 11 portrait mode photo is unusually higher quality than the Unsplash photo. The lighting in the iphone 11 photo allowed the camera to get a higher resolution picture, whereas the Unsplash photo, doesn’t show as many intricate details. The camera is very light sensitive, which… Continue reading LAB 1