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  • Image Blog Post

    Jared Johnson DMA 214 11/2/2023 This project represents an embellishment of how images can be represented in DMA. This picture in particular represents the metaphor “Life’s a Movie” where a guy kicking back and watching a highlight in his life through a movie screen portrayed by a picture frame, surrounded a pattern of a movie…

  • Color Blog Post

    Jared Johnson 10/10/2023 DMA 214 This project was definitely something new. I did enjoy the use of gradients and radial color schemes, be able to make certain shapes look more than what they seemed to be using the color effects. I did also enjoy working with a triadic and an analogous warm color scheme because…

  • Project 2 Blog Post

    Jared Johnson DMA 2149/19/2023 I’m not going to lie, this was very challenging for me, however I did enjoy the project. I enjoyed the idea of Gestalt, and the way of how we could make such a simple nursery rhyme something so fascinating using gestalt principles and it was pretty exciting to see how far…

  • Project 1 Blog Post

    This is a representation of a fighting game hitbox

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