Digital Design Concepts

Project 1: Layout

Jesse Nowicki | Dunkle

Image 1: Similarity

Image 2: Closure

Image 3: Continuation

Image 4: Shared Fate

Image 5: Repetition

Image 6: Figure Ground

  1. What did you learn? From this project, I learned very much about the true textbook rules and guidelines of design. In the past, I was more focused on different colors, placements, and other aspects of design rather than applying the real rules that actually change a persons
  2. What was easy? The repetition slide was really easy because It was just copying and pasting images of the same size, orientation, shape, etc. and just repeating them (repetition).
  3. What was challenging? Trying to figure out how I could make something simple so complex. In the past I’ve only used photoshop and wanted my work to have as many complex details and be abstract as possible.
  4. How could your submission be improved? I believe my submission could be improved if I was to have a better story / meaning behind each side. I was just watching a video about how big space really is and that’s why I decided to pick this topic because basic information about space was in my mind at the time of working on the project.
  5. How could you professor improve the next assignment? Nothing really. As stated before I am used to complex work in photoshop, when doing more simple work such as business cards for a marketing client, I usually struggle because I can’t apply my creativity as much.
  6. How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios? I learned the basic concepts of design, If I can continue to work on these and progress my knowledge, I can master the basic concepts, that will snowball into me learning much more at a higher level.
  7. How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you? I was just watching a video about how big outer space really is, and then I decided to do my homework and started working on this.