Project 4: Filmmaking

1. What did you learn? I learned how to create a mini film with a combination of pictures and videos. 2. What was easy? The easiest part was putting the videos together. I was being super extra trying to add a whole bunch of videos so that it looked nicer. 3. What was challenging? The… Continue reading Project 4: Filmmaking

Project 3: Chess Piece

1. What did you learn? Throughout this project, I learned how to sculpt a chess piece from 3D mesh using Blender. It was different because at first, it was unclear how a simple piece of mesh was going to turn into a 3D figure. 2. What was easy? The easiest part of the project for… Continue reading Project 3: Chess Piece

Project 2: Business Card

1. What did you learn? I learned how to make a monogram to place on the business card. I also colored my monogram to go for a distinctive look. When making the monogram I was very torn about how I wanted my letters to be positioned and in Figma, I was able to play around… Continue reading Project 2: Business Card

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