Project 4

What did you learn? I learned how maps of good quality are made along with how to produce a legend  What was easy? Building the different important areas of the map and then learning how to create the roads. What was challenging? figuring out if my map was done and what else was needed along… Continue reading Project 4

Project 3

What did you learn? I learned how to make 2D into 3D at the same time make package design  What was easy? The easiest part was designing the cup and being able to freely design the aesthetics to the design. What was challenging? The cutting out to form it into the actual carton. How could… Continue reading Project 3

Project 2

1. What did you learn? I learned how to to create texture in the background and also how to use he brush too to refine edges. 2. What was easy? using the images in the presentation at the same time taking the main image from the background. 3. What was challenging? Creating backgrounds and applying… Continue reading Project 2

Project 1 reflection

1. What did you learn? How to edit and renew images along with how to scan images at the same time how different tools in photoshop can serve as a way to retouch your image. 2. What was easy? The easy task for me was the use of the spot healing tool and also it… Continue reading Project 1 reflection

Hello world!

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