Project 3

This time, I use the Garamond fonts for project 3. Because I thought it’s really cool with the font to create the poster. I don’t see this font usually in the life and in Japanese font. There are a lot of fonts of English, but there aren’t many fonts in Japanese. I like this font… Continue reading Project 3

Project 2

This time, I decided to hang the “6” and “r” to represent the hero helping people. The Big Hero 6 movie tells the story of heroes who save people from danger, along with the robot Baymax. And I intentionally made the font look broken. The expression is that the hero has a goal of helping… Continue reading Project 2

Project 1

I learned that how to write the font which serif. It was easy to create and write the font and the quotes. But when I tried to write lower case of y, it was difficult to create. I think I have to improve more about this with my professor.

Lab 2

Roman Serif: consistent line width, use of serif Historical/Celtic: They are curved fonts and extended.

Project 2 DMA 217

Project 1 217 That was difficult to create the app by figma because I haven’t created prototype on the app. I was confused but I tried to complete it.

Project 4

I learned that how to create the posters more attractive by the font. I used the shadow of the text to make clearly and obtrusively. I challenged that I put the Japanese words with the picture. I thought that it should fit with the old picture and Japanese words because it makes feel old. And… Continue reading Project 4