Project 4

In this project I was able to learn how to create a short movie that shows emotion by working with different software. The easiest part of this project was combining at the material together. Sometimes with other projects adding one media to another can be difficult, but for this project it was easy to put… Continue reading Project 4

Project 3

In this project I learned how to created a video game by using certain programs. Overall I though this project was difficult. Personally, every step was confusing even using the slideshows to help step by step, it still was hard. Therefore, nothing was easy for me. Referring to to my answer for question two, the… Continue reading Project 3

Project 2

What did you learn? During project 2 I learned how to create a website and what goes into making a good website. In this project visuals are actually important in discovery how to catch the eyes of viewers. In creating a website it’s important to have everything look cohesive while making the most important aspects… Continue reading Project 2

Project 1

During this project I learned how use photoshop. Not only did I learn how to add image and text, but I also learned how to use shortcuts and use tools to create different pieces of work. The easiest part of this project was adding photos into photoshop and adding text to the images. The most… Continue reading Project 1