Project 4 Robbie Marten

In doing project 4, I’d say that I learned the most in garageband. I’ve used the software a little bit but not really much outside of messing around on my ipad. With this assignment and the earlier lab 7, I kind of understand now how difficult music production can be. The video editing was the… Continue reading Project 4 Robbie Marten

Project 3 Robbie Marten

After completing project three, I learned a few things. One obviously I learned a new program in blender, but I also learned the process of rendering 3d models of objects, and learned about the game design process. I definitely have a lot of respect for these game devs who build hyper realistic models and renderings… Continue reading Project 3 Robbie Marten

Robbie Marten Project 2

After completing my second project for this class being the creation of a brand or making my business card, I actually learned a-lot of new stuff about the vector arts. First off, on my laptop I have here at school I do not have illustrator, whereas normally for vector or logo related tasks I would… Continue reading Robbie Marten Project 2

Robbie Marten Project 1

In the process of completing project 1, and working with photoshop to make my holiday card, I learned a-lot more about the intricacies of working with photoshop to create a professional looking print. I’ve used photoshop before many times to create fun images and whatnot but this was the first time i’ve used my skills… Continue reading Robbie Marten Project 1

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