Project 4

1. What did you learn? I learned about editing video in Premiere and animating using Adobe Animate. I learned how to adjust sound and color and string clips together within the program. 2. What was easy? The easiest part was probably importing the files, cutting them, and moving them around. I also found it pretty… Continue reading Project 4

Project 3: Game Design

My chess piece moves forwards/backwards and left/right like a rook, but it has wings because its special power is that it can fly over pieces that are in its way. 1. What did you learn? I learned how to use Maya to sculpt three dimensional objects and designs. I also learned how to use Arnold… Continue reading Project 3: Game Design

Project 2: Personal Brand

1. What did you learn? I learned what vector graphics are and how they differ from other image formats, as well as how to create vector graphics and format business cards using Adobe Illustrator. I also learned about appropriate font choices and how to create a balanced and readable business card. 2. What was easy?… Continue reading Project 2: Personal Brand

Project 1: Greeting Card

What did you learn? I learned about creating imagery in Photoshop. I learned how to mask different parts of layers and edit the layers masks using the brush tools. I also learned how to use and export artboards to create multi-page documents in Photoshop. In addition, I learned about the role of type and the… Continue reading Project 1: Greeting Card