Film Project

I learned how to use two more Adobe Creative Cloud systems. I used Premiere and I actually had to use Adobe Audition to fix my soundtrack. I found this project pretty easy. The software was pretty user friendly and once I figured out some things it became significantly easier. I think I could have taken… Continue reading Film Project

Figma Website

Link to website: I learned a lot about coding and how a website is designed and built for others consumption. I think that the project was easy because Figma was very user friendly but I still struggled with some of the pages. It was also a bit hard to upload my personal images. I… Continue reading Figma Website

Holiday Greeting Card – Valentine’s Day

This project taught me new ways to do some things I already knew how to do within Photoshop. I learned many different ways to remove the background of a foreground image and ways to fix errors made while removing the background. I learned new shortcuts that made the process much easier and allowed me to… Continue reading Holiday Greeting Card – Valentine’s Day