DMA 217 Project 1

What did you learn? App design, how to “flow” between screens What was easy? Individual objects What was challenging? Interaction of buttons, layout How could your submission be improved? Better functionality How could I improve the assignment for the next class? Better framework for ideas How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or… Continue reading DMA 217 Project 1

Project 3

reflection: 1: This was mostly a combination of skills previously exercised in class. 2: The easier parts were most of the digital aspects, which while some were time consuming, generally weren’t very difficult. 3: the difficult part was the folding, as I am just not very good at folds. 4: The project could have been… Continue reading Project 3

Lab 1

1: the unsplash photo has higher visual quality, as it was likely taken with by a professional photographer with equipment in a controlled environment, as opposed to my picture taken randomly with a phone camera. 2: The scans have a higher contrast, are perfectly vertical, and despite smaller file size and resolution, appear to be… Continue reading Lab 1

Hello world!

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