Project 1

For the first project, the nursery rhyme I choose was little miss muffet, as I felt that it may have been better to start the first project with a rhyme that had a small story to it. Unfortuatly, I was so focused on both starting and finishing this roject, that I didn’t do any sketches, which I regret. Throughout this project, I learned how to not only use shapes, and objects that wouldn’t normally be associated with other objects or concepts. The easiest part of the project, strangely enought was choosing what shapes to use to represent the charcater for the abstract frames. For example, I decided that the triangle would be best to represent little miss muffet, and an eight-pointed star to represent the spider. The most challenging part for me was trying to change the representitve frames enoght that it didn’t look like I was doing the exact same thing for them as I had for the abstract slides. While I am sure there are many ways the slides could be improved, if I were to re-do the project, I would probably see if I could change the slides for the representitve portion more, as I feel that a few, mostly closer, and figure ground, are still to close to the same slides in the abstract portion. I think that a really cool option, to add maybe, would be to allow song lyrics, like the chorus or something. A way I might pply my knowledge, would be to think of an outside the box way of representing a subject, or maybe a different way of telling a story. I didn’t really look into the readings and videos, as I had been very focused on working on the project itself, but I did take some inspiration from some of the older projects, with how they utilized the ability to exclude areas of overlap, and I incorperated parts of that into certain slides.