Project 2

For this project, We started to work with color, as well as leaning the differences between not only RGB and CMY color, but also how the differences can affect our work. We also learned how to work with a color tool set to HSB, rather than a hex code. This allowed us to have more control over the saturation, tint, tone, and brightness of the colors we used. For this lab, the easiest part for me was choosing a color scheme for the landscapes. Another fairly easy part was choosing what I wanted the background of each landscape to look like, which made it easier to design the rest of the image. The most challenging part of this lab doesn’t actually have to do with the lab itself, but Figma. It was challenging for me to use and adapt to the tools I had availible like the pen tool, which was I wound up not using at all, and the gradient tool, which I did eventually adapt too. If I were to improve this at a later date, what I would probably do is completly re-do the desert landscape, as I feel it could have been better, and possibly touch up or redo the rocks and stars in the other landscapes. I honestly think that this project is fine the way it is, it covers what was learned well, as well as how to apply the information. I suppose that you could maybe change either the color scheme for each landscape, include some new landscapes., or possibly include a free slide for making something up. I would apply the knowledge from this week when I use color in the future, as well as when I would need to think about how something would look once printed versus what it would look like online. There was no reading that really inspired me for any portion of the project for this week.

I have sketches for this project, but unfortuatly, the picture exceeds the maximum file limit, so I am unable to include a picture here. If you wish, I can show you the scketches during class tomorrow.