Project 3

This week, we learned how to use and alter images to get a point or message to the viewer. We also learned how adverts will use metaphors to have the viewer make a connection between the product and the advert. In addition to this, we were also introduced to a new program also similar to Illustrator or Photoshop. The easiest part of this project for me was generally making the pattern for the background. Once I had figured out what the, metaphor I was going to use was, I could look at the icons I had available, and was able to choose those needed for the pattern. What was the most challenging was using the new program. I belive that at least partially due to my laptop, that the program was slightly different in comparrison to the same program on the instructors computer, which made it difficult to use the program on my own, even looking up how to do things online. The way that I belive that the project could be most improved would be if I had more experience in using Gimp, as I may have been able to make better focus images. The best way to improve this project, to me would be that you include an instruction video, or step-by-step instructions when you use Gimp. I would use the informaion from this week to expand on any projects to have the viewer make connections, or understand a point quicker or better.