Project 1

In this project, I learned how to not only easily colour balance photos, but edit the background in a couple ways, as well as scan an item to do the same.

It was generally easy, at least one I got the hand of both the colour balancing, and retouching. Once I got the hand of it, I could do 8 or 10 images in one sitting. I’d say that the most challenging part was doing the retouching, especially when using the clone stamp. Simply because when using clone stamp you have to be aware of the lighting, edges of the image, and any other objects in the image that would be cloned. Probably what could have been improved about my submission would be literally the content of some of the photos, either because all of them had to be staged inside, due to weather, or were at strange angles, due to how I had staged some of the foci. I was also wary about reusing some photos from an older courses project, that had a similar theme.

How could the professor improve the assignment for the next class? : Something I would say would improve this project in the future would be changing the make up of the “collection”. It may be better to either shrink the number of photos required – which I feel is better – or if not that, than possibly change the balance of the type of image – have more than one scanned image, for example, or maybe. The knowledge I am most likely to use in the future is equally between the colour balancing/retouching, or the scanning. Both are equally useful, and equally likely to be needed. There wasn’t any specific reading or video that inspired me, as I had a solid idea about what I wanted to do, but the class videos were helpful.