Pro 2 Blog Post

The main thing I learned was various ways to both create and remove backgrounds. In addition, It was really fun to experiment with mixing different methods to achieve certain affects.

The easiest thing was probably deciding on a general theme for this. I try to keep a general theme for most of my projects in a particular class. Last year was health or illness related – due to everything with covid, and the long term effects we were starting to see.
The most challenging thing was probably using the pen tool. While I have some previous experience, it just isn’t something that’s intuitive for me. I KNOW how to use it, with even more ability after this, it just isn’t something comfortable for me.
Something that could improve my submission would probably have been more use of the actual rhinestones, not just the compound runes, though I feel like it balanced nicely with the flowers and crystals.
I feel that over all, the project – and labs – are well balanced and helpful, so I feel that maybe the only change would be to condense the labs, and break them into 2 portions, one before the main portion of the project, one after, or just remove some of the technique related to this project, and redistribute it to other projects.
This info is EXTREMELY helpful to me, as I want to be an illustrator, so knowing how to remove and create backgrounds, quickly, is extremely helpful.
As I had a very strong general Idea, there wasn’t anything that helped me with the general project, but going over the stuff for removing backgrounds, helped me with redoing the jar of rhinestones to make it smoother/neater.