Project 2 – Color Although I’m not as good with figma as the adobe programs, this was a fun project and visually/aesthetically pleasing to make color scheme landscapes. I spent a-lot of time on the seascape, watching youtube videos on how to make realistic leaves, and some of my other landscapes suffered less attention as a result. The… Continue reading Project 2 – Color

Project 3 – Metaphor

I initially struggled with settling on an idea for this project. After a few rough drafts and suggestions from classmates I settled on the heart of gold metaphor. This at first started as heart with veins of gold in it, but after some peer review I morphed it into more of a crystal cavern type… Continue reading Project 3 – Metaphor

Project 4 notes

I thoroughly enjoyed this project, as I was able to lay out a location I was familiar with. I definitely struggled at the beginning with some small illustrator kinks, having used mostly photoshop lately in my free time. It was not exactly a smooth transition between programs. But once I got going I had no… Continue reading Project 4 notes

Project 3 notes

Initially had some issues creating a pattern swatch but was able to figure out the problem with some google searches. Project went pretty straightforward besides that, I think my fonts work well and fit the theme. I was unable to print in color, but regardless The assembly went smoothly. Overall a good excerise in my… Continue reading Project 3 notes

Project 1 notes

A collection of photos I have taken, Scans of old photos and my favorite manga panels, and photoshop edits I have made. Basically, a snapshot of my life, in every aspect. file:///Users/roycebreslawski/Desktop/DMA%20212/project%201/index.html


I like my photo a bit more than the stock photo, just because I feel like its more creative. However, its a little grainy, mainly because I had the ISO on my camera cranked up due to bad lighting, so the stock image is much clearer and higher quality. Same with the scans, you can… Continue reading LAB 1

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