Poster project

I chose to work with 1960s psychedelic fonts. One of the pioneers of this scene was graphic designer Wes Wilson, who created many posters for bands and groups at the fore front of the west coast counterculture movement of the 60s and 70s. I used Wes Wilsons own font, sometimes called psychedelia, that was his… Continue reading Poster project

Project 1 – to do app

I was really exited to jump right into this and start flexing my Figma fingers. A new design program always gets me exited. It was easy to figure out the interface design aspects and I greatly enjoyed this part of the design process. I did initially struggle with prototyping, creating components and variables and such… Continue reading Project 1 – to do app

Project 2

After MUCH deliberation I decided to made a dating app. I wasn’t quite sure on the direction I wanted to go , but I wanted it to be a little different so I chose astrology thee based on the color palette I had. Matches are created by pairing compatible astronomical signs. This is a popular… Continue reading Project 2

Project 4 – stamps

I took a slightly unorthodox approach to this project, instead of a city I chose my favorite musical artist, Kanye West, and made the stamps based off the aesthetic and color scheme of his albums/discography . Starting with the top right, these represent Kanyes two debut albums College dropout and Late registration. The color palette… Continue reading Project 4 – stamps

Project 1 -layout

At first I wasn’t sure what rhyme to go with , I just started doing random shapes until something came to mind.A bridge falling apart formed, so I decided to do London bridge is falling down, a familiar nursery rhymes to most children. there are some dark undertones to this rhyme, and I tried to… Continue reading Project 1 -layout

Project 2 – Color Although I’m not as good with figma as the adobe programs, this was a fun project and visually/aesthetically pleasing to make color scheme landscapes. I spent a-lot of time on the seascape, watching youtube videos on how to make realistic leaves, and some of my other landscapes suffered less attention as a result. The… Continue reading Project 2 – Color

Project 3 – Metaphor

I initially struggled with settling on an idea for this project. After a few rough drafts and suggestions from classmates I settled on the heart of gold metaphor. This at first started as heart with veins of gold in it, but after some peer review I morphed it into more of a crystal cavern type… Continue reading Project 3 – Metaphor