2D Graphics – Lab 1 Reflection – 1/26/2022

  1. What is the image size and pixel dimensions of the unsplash photo and your photo? 

              My photo – 20.6M Dimensions – 4000px x 1800px

              Unsplash photo – 68.7 M Dimensions – 4000px x 6000px

2. Compare your photo with the one from Unsplash. What are the differences? Is one “better quality” than the other? 

The difference between my photo and the photo from Unsplash is that the lighting is good, the texture looks like it was dim like a homey atmosphere and it was used by a professional photographer. With my photo, the lighting is good, I took on a angle that I can make it look professional. The Unsplash photo has better quality than my photo because they used a camera that has the features that they can toggle with.

3. Why do people use resources like Unsplash? 

They would like to use Unsplash so they can buy professional photographs for businesses, public announcements, etc. They want to see how photographers use certain frames and color for their photos to look fantastic.

4. Why might someone avoid “stock” photography?

They would not want to pay certain amount of money to buy the photographers photos they took and uploaded them online. That someone would like to pay for the photos at a reasonable price. 

5. What are some problems or imperfections that you see in the photos you took? Why do you think these occurred? 

For starters, when I took the photo of my housekeeping cart that I use for work, I was laying on my stomach and arched my phone to try to get a good angle to take the photo. The reason that I think this occurred is because, I tried to capture a good picture but I believe that I could have taking my cart to like the 1st Floor of Old Main and do the same thing as the one I took.