Project 3

  1. What did you learn?

I learned about the impact that a combination of photos can have on what the image is trying to express to the viewers.  

  1. What was easy?

I think it was easy to remove the background from pictures as it was a very straightforward process. 

  1. What was challenging?

The challenging part was figuring out what metaphor I would be able to express in a combination of pictures. Originally I had chosen a different metaphor but I had to change it because I was unable to think of a combination of images which would do the metaphor justice 

  1. How could your submission be improved?

I think my submission could be improved by combining more images and having a more visually pleasing base picture. 

  1. How could the professor improve the assignment for the next class?

The professor could have improved the assignment by giving us a list of metaphors that would be easily interpreted to create a combination of pictures to express the metaphor. 

  1. How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

In this assignment, I explored the effects that Figma offers to influence a photo, one of the main ones which I used was the darker option in the portion of the layer as I believe that that really helped my project. I also envision myself using the remove background plugin in the future when I am only concerned with the main thing in an image. 

  1. How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?

Rewatching all of the zoom classes which used a variety of tools on Figma and photoshop.