Project 3

1.) I learned how to make a video game on a computer. 2.) Creating the landscape was the easiest part. 3.) Trying to build a challenging maze was the hardest part 4.) By taking a better picture of the project= in the submission folder 5.) No improvements are necessary 6.) If I ever have to… Continue reading Project 3

Project 4

1.) I learned how to make/edit a video with effects and sound. 2.) Taking the videos was the easiest part about the whole thing. 3.) The hardest part was making a beat on Sound trap, the website was confusing and it was hard to follow. 4.) I could have added more effects throughout the video.… Continue reading Project 4

Project 2

1.) I learned how to build a website on Figma 2.) Figma was really easy to use with the starter file 3.) Making the logo was the hardest part of the whole project 4.) I believe that my color scheme could make my submission better 5.) Everything was good so noting needed to be improved… Continue reading Project 2

Project 1

1.) I learned how to add a foreground image to a background. 2.) Placing the pictures into the Photoshop was the easiest part. Also, typing on the Photoshop document was easy. 3.) The most challenging part was editing the foreground so that the background of that image is not visible 4.) I could have been… Continue reading Project 1