Video Edit Project

I took upon the challenge to see if I can bring a grim, dramatic tone to the videos of my dog. My main technique in doing such was the music. Music and sound effects are a sure fire way to establish a certain mood on videos. This is used countless times in movies and television […]

AKUMA (Devil) Chess Piece

Akuma, or devil, being one of the most feared specimens on the planet represents this chess piece perfectly. Piece is so powerful it is able to poison any chess piece that comes within one square of it. Once the enemy piece is poisoned, the player only has 3 moves left after getting affected by the […]

Holiday Card

What did you learn? This project showed me how to make layouts of prints with folding in mind. I also learned how to add artboards in photoshop in order to add a front and back. These skills can be used for future possible pamphlet making and posters and whatnot.What was easy? The creative part of […]