Project 3

I learned how to construct a 3D figure using Blender. I now understand how to create simple designs and elaborate on them by sculpting additional features onto the original figure. This type of digital design was very unfamiliar to me so I wouldn’t say that any piece of this project was necessarily easy. It was… Continue reading Project 3

Project 2: business card

In this project I learned the importance of balancing fonts, colors, and line weight to create a cohesive and branded look on a professional business card. The right side of the card was fairly easy. I enjoy spacing out text and playing around with the size and weight of certain fonts to contrast with other… Continue reading Project 2: business card

Project 1

In this project I learned all of the basics of photoshop. I was not previously familiar with it, so each step of the project I developed new skills. I learned everything from inserting an image, layering it with other images, and making it pop; to incorporating text that fits the mood of the piece and… Continue reading Project 1

Hello world!

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