Project 4- Film making

1. What did you learn? I learned a lot while completing this project. I learned how to use Adobe Premier and Adobe After Effects. These two programs allowed me to learn how to put together videos to make a nicely transitioned film.2. What was easy? Something that was easy was filming the videos with m… Continue reading Project 4- Film making

Project 2- Web design Blog questions: 1. What did you learn? I learned how to work Figma and all of the tools involved. I also learned how to properly manage a website. 2. What was easy? Adding photos and decorating my own design from scratch.3. What was challenging? Figuring out how to create the logo for the website.4.… Continue reading Project 2- Web design

Project 1

Elizabeth Deni Reflection Questions: During this project, I learned mainly how to create foreground and background images that complement each other on a card. I learned how to use tools and layers correctly and successfully as well. Something that was easy during this project was the layer masking and using the paintbrush to help get… Continue reading Project 1

Project 1

Blog reflection questions: 1. What did you learn? I learned how to sign up and create my own blog on What was easy? Finding and inserting images and text into the blog.3. What was challenging? Getting used to the website4. How could your submission be improved? I could put more detail into the blog.5.… Continue reading Project 1