Project 1

Elizabeth Deni

Reflection Questions:

  1. During this project, I learned mainly how to create foreground and background images that complement each other on a card. I learned how to use tools and layers correctly and successfully as well.
  2. Something that was easy during this project was the layer masking and using the paintbrush to help get a closer crease on the foreground images.
  3. One challenging part of this assignment was being able to remember the steps and tools that you need to apply to the project. I had to be repetitive and do skills over and over again to get it the right way. 
  4. My submission could be improved by choosing better images and text fonts to make it look more professional rather than cheesy.
  5. The professor could improve the assignment for the next class by giving a physical handout example as we learn the rules of the assignment.
  6. I may apply my knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios by recalling my learned skills on layer masking. I think this is very important and helpful in any project. It makes things look more professional and neater.
  7. I would say that the slides and class videos helped me tremendously. Looking back on those two helped me fix errors and resolve my confusion on the project.