Project 4

By Jenna French What did you learn? Overall, this project brought together many different techniques that we have learned throughout the semester, but it also introduced me to some new ones as well. For example, I learned how to add a second stroke to an already existing stroke in Illustrator. Also, I learned how to… Continue reading Project 4

Project 3 Reflection

By Jenna French What did you learn? Before this project, I have never really experimented with Adobe Illustrator, but now I feel more comfortable using this software. Now, I know how to create patterns and create logos using Adobe Illustrator. Also, my skills with the pen tool have greatly improved since I used the pen… Continue reading Project 3 Reflection

Lab 5

By Jenna French Diversity and Inclusion

Project 2 Reflection

By Jenna French What did you learn? By completing this project, I learned a lot about Photoshop. For example, I learned how to create and save textures, create shapes, use the gradient tool, the brush tool, and so on. What was easy? When reflecting on the processes I had to use to create this project,… Continue reading Project 2 Reflection

Project 1 Reflection

Jenna French What did you learn? Before taking this course, I have never used Photoshop or really any other digital software like it. Through this project, I learned some basic methods which are used to optimize photos in Photoshop. For example, I learned the importance of making layers when either changing the levels, the brightness… Continue reading Project 1 Reflection

Lab 1

Jenna French Compare your photo with the one from Unsplash. What are the differences? Why is one “better quality” than the other? After examining the two photos, it is obvious that the Unsplash photo is of better quality than the photo I captured. The Unsplash photo of the volcano is a sharper image and is… Continue reading Lab 1

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