Project 3 Reflection

By Jenna French

What did you learn?

Before this project, I have never really experimented with Adobe Illustrator, but now I feel more comfortable using this software. Now, I know how to create patterns and create logos using Adobe Illustrator. Also, my skills with the pen tool have greatly improved since I used the pen tool to create the Byrne Dairy logo and the coffee cup.

What was easy?

I was surprised to find that making the pattern for this project was the easiest part. Due to other labs and projects, there were many techniques that I was able to apply to this process as well. For example, in the previous project, I created a pattern from a photo I took and was able to use my knowledge and skills from this project to apply to my current project.

What was challenging?

Overall, the hardest portion of this project was creating the Byrne Dairy logo and also drawing the cup. Throughout our other projects and labs, I have struggled to master the pen tool. For this project, I was challenged to better these skills, so I could create the final product for this project. In the previous lab, I ended up having to redo the cow layer many times until I realized that creating the least amount of points possible with the pen tool allows for you to have a better and cleaner final product.

How could your submission be improved?

To improve this submission, I believe that I could have made the Byrne Dairy logo better. When closely examining the logo after putting together the mock-up, I have started to notice that the letters could have been enlarged to more closely reflect the original logo. Also, some of the letters overlap and I could have moved the letters a little further apart.

How could the professor improve the assignment for next class?

To improve this assignment for next time, I think it would have been interesting to see a demonstration on how to create more patterns in Adobe Illustrator or to learn other techniques to enhance the qualities of the patterns.

How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

I can use this knowledge and apply it to my future career in journalism. As a journalist, you are expected to have multiple skills and I can apply these skills to create logos or artwork to accompany articles. Also, as an editor at The Griffin, I can use this knowledge to help our layout editor to put together our paper since we use Adobe Illustrator.

How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?

For this project, I was inspired by a class video that I ended up re-watching to help me with this project. In the demonstration, the final product had swirls in the background and used a font that appeared to be brush strokes. By taking into consideration, the product that we were creating, I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate into my own project. Also, I did some research online and found a drawn image of a coffee cup that I ended up re-creating for my own project.