Project 1

Outside of Card
Inside of Card

I am still having printer issues, so as soon as I fix it and print my card, I will upload the photos of it.

Blog Questions:

  1. What did you learn?

I learned that through photoshop you can do many different things. I always thought that photoshop was something you used to edit pictures and through this project I learned that you can do so much more than just edit. You are able to actually create your own images and change others too.

2. What was easy?

One of the things that I thought was easy, was removing the background of images so that you could use just what you wanted of them. Photoshop gives you the tools to remove whatever you want from the image. Sometimes the tool wasn’t always perfect but I found it very easy to fix the images how you wanted.

3. What was challenging?

One of the things that I found most challenging was typing on a path. It wasn’t easy to make the path exactly how I wanted it. Another thing that I found difficult was making sure that everything was lined up perfectly and neat. I like to make sure everything is in line with each other, and I found it difficult to do this when it wouldn’t allow me to sometimes.

4. How could your submission be improved?

I think my submission could be improved by maybe adding a little bit more color to the backgrounds. There is a lot of white on my card, but I like it and think it looks good that way.

5. How could the professor improve the assignment for the next class?

I don’t think there really needs improvement. Everything was fairly easy and fun to do. It is very nice being able to follow along in class step by step.

6. How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

This project allowed me to learn many new techniques on photoshop that I didn’t know before. Now that I know how to use and do these different things, I think I will be able to use it as a tool in future projects.

7. How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?

All of the videos were very helpful. One that was the most helpful to me was the first day of class that we started the project. It allowed me to get a basis for the project and start creating ideas of what I want to do.

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