Post 3: Augmented Reality

  • What did you learn?

Over the course of this final project, I was able to learn how to use video in Figma, and how to use infographics for the purpose of constructing a mock app/tool.

  • What was easy?

The easiest part of this project was the concept that I settled on. It wasn’t too long after I was given the brief overview for this project that I had a run-in with a friend that had recently transferred to Canisius, where they asked where a certain spot on campus was located. Even though they’d been attending Canisius for a few months, some locations are still a mystery.

So I decided to create a tool based on helping new or confused students navigate the campus.

  • What was challenging?

The most challenging part was attempting to synchronize the infographics popping onto the screen in my navigation proposal. It took a lot of trial and error to line it up correctly.

  • How could your submission be improved?

I think my submission could be improved if I were have added a wider map of Canisius University that a user could utilize in the app. Trying to shrink the map into a mobile app may prove to be a challenge (especially given Canisus’ unique campus structure), but if I could’ve achieved that my project would’ve definitely been enhanced.

  • How could I improve the assignment for the next class?

I think this project could be improved for next time if we were given a few more in-class tutorials on how to improve the appearance (or even animation, if possible) of the infographics.

  • How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

Having the ability to utilize video in future Figma projects will prove to be very useful moving forward.

  • How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you? Refer to a specific reading or link for this; do not reference a class video or lecture.

Although it’s very quick, this example of AR technology that could be applied to education was helpful in providing some inspiration for my own mock app:

Link to the Canisius University Guide App: