Project 1 Reflection

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Early Sketches


Learning the figma software for this first project has been both challenging, while at the same time a very enjoyable experience. Getting my feet wet in the software before immediately being tasked with illustrating a nursery rhyme was a large jump, but a relatively seamless step to the next level. Throughout the creation of this project, the biggest thing I learned was how to make each frame stand out, rather than looking orderly and symmetrical. For instance, when I first made the the fifth frame, it was perfectly centered and all within frame; but to make it pop more, I rotated the image and scaled it up, making it look much more unique. Coming up with all the other illustrations that would be translated to the frames was by far the easiest part of this project, I was able to let my creativity go to work to represent this nursery rhyme in a distinctive fashion. The most challenging part by far, was preventing myself from repeating the same gestalt principles in the frames where lines from the nursery rhyme repeat, and being able to come up with something new. Within this challenge, I feel that my biggest weakness with the whole project was lack of complexity with the designs. I don’t believe that any of the illustrations are substandard, but rather a bit simplistic and something I could improve going forward. I believe I got so caught up at points in creating varying principles, that I didn’t make them as detailed as I could’ve. I think that one way this project could potentially be improved moving forward is if perhaps students share each others precuts and gave their own personal critiques; it’s good to have a fresh perspective on a project that requires creativity like this one. An aspect that I’ll definitely take with me in future projects is the use of the ruler tool, that way I can track whether or not my placements of objects are correct or symmetrical. A reading that definitely helped in this project was the reading by Steven Bradley that described the gestalt principles in depth; it gave me a better understanding a what I should be projecting onto the final project from my brain.