DMA 395 Project 2 Reflection

In this project, I learned about spot illustrations and how to do them. I drew 9 food illustrations using Figma. Although the project came out decent, there are a couple of things I could have done differently. First, more details could have been added such as the pasta and mac and cheese. It was too… Continue reading DMA 395 Project 2 Reflection

DMA 395 Project 3 Reflection

In this project, I have hand drawn a step by step process on how to make tea. I honestly rushed this project by hand drawing instead of using Figma or another software. There are so many things I wished I did differently. First, I should have used Figma instead of hand drawing. Second, I definitely… Continue reading DMA 395 Project 3 Reflection

Project 1 Reflection

1. What did you learn? I learned how to make thumbnails using Photoshop. 2. What was easy? Taking the photos and adding them to my flash drive. Blowing up the images. 3. What was challenging? Using Brackets. 4. How could your submission be improved? Put more effort into retouching the images and making sure all… Continue reading Project 1 Reflection


In my project I used the metaphor ‘brainstorming’. In this project I learned, well relearned since I forgot, how to combine more than one image. It was easy finding photos that I wanted to use. However, it was very challenging making those photos appear more realistic and not just plastered onto a photoshop document. My… Continue reading DMA 214 PROJECT 3


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