SPORTS – Libre Baskerville/PT Sans

INDUSTRY – Merriweather/Raleway

SIGHTS – Playfair Display/Josefin Sans

History – Cordo/Josefin Sans

  • What did you learn?
    I learned to see the differences in typefaces and how to appropriately move text easier around a fitted document. to be honest, this was the assignment i was most worried about since consistent opinions on my own hand writing made me a bit annoyed with the importance of text. This assignment helped me to appreciate the art form much more and how it can be used creatively
  • What was easy?
    This assignment was basically combining everything we learned in the beginning of the semester. I am happy to say the assignment did not take me as long that’s to the course but the final incorporation of all of our knowledge made a truly rewarding challenge. It was made even easier when I chose to make stamps of my favorite city, home.
  • What was challenging?
    The most challenging part of the assignment was choosing text that was easy to read while having characteristics that helped add some creativity and flair to the stamp once finally designed with color and an image. The most challenging part with most of the assignments is finding the balance of a simple design that manages to still excite and intrigue viewers. It’s a balance I will keep pushing to find as I am more message-oriented than entertainment-focused. 
  • How could your submission be improved?
    My submission could be improved some different ways of creating the stamps background. While i like the collection, I think it needed more colors and color schemes.
  • How could I improve the assignment for the next class?
    Show us how to print off stamps! This assignment was so much fun, I’d be interested to see how our physical designs would turn out.
  • How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?
    It would be cool to make stamps with my animal photography. The design process for stamps is so unique and full of creative potential. It would be a fun project.
  • How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?

This video is all about constraint control in figma. While figma does a really good job at helping keep on an even grid, learning how to self check was very informative and helped me once I had the challenge of lining up single letters.