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  • Project 2: Web Development

    What did you learn? The basics of web development and using figma as a way to design sites prior to coding them. What was easy? The initial website design and initial code. What was challenging? getting aspects like the header and footer to work properly and making interactable aspects work. How could your submission be…

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  • Project 1: TODO app

    I learned more about how to set up a UI in a way that makes sense to the user and translates to a smooth user experience. 2. What was easy? Getting an initial design down, I had an idea of what I wanted to do from the work I did during Lab 1. 3. What…

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  • Classwork 1.1

    Hello! forgot to do this earlier lol.

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  • Project 5: Summative

    1. What did you learn? I learned how to combine multiple lesson I learned throughout the semester, along with letting my creativity make 4 different variants of a singular prompt. 2. What was easy? Coming up with my original ideas, as I had been playing through Hogwarts legacy, and making stamps for it seemed like…

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  • Project 4: Typography

    Project 4: Typography

    1. What did you learn? About the variability of text, and the difference between multiple different texts styles, like sans or sans serif. 2. What was easy? The initial design came relatively easy, but I did change they layout from what i had in my sketchbook. 3. What was challenging? Finding the fonts that got…

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  • Project 3: Image

    Project 3: Image

    1. What did you learn? I learned more about the process of combining images and attempting to make them seem natural. 2. What was easy? I found most things in the project to be challenging. 3. What was challenging? Utilizing photoshop and making it look how I wanted, I also had a lot of difficulty…

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