DMA 217 Project 1

  1. I learned that making an app is not as easy as I expected, what I did for the project was manageable, but it definitely was not what I expected it to be at first
  2. The easy part of the project was coming up with the idea and how I wanted to set it up.
  3. The challenging part of the project was making sure that everything worked when I was testing everything and every button went where I wanted it to.
  4. My submission could definitely be improved with better organization. I feel like my project was kind of cluttered in one spot and had a bunch of open space in another which can be an easy fix.
  5. There were portions of the project where I was rushing myself, not letting my work be as good as it should be.
  6. I feel like this project helped me be better in Figma which can help me in future work or more DMA classes.