Project 2 Post

  1. I learned how to use the pen tool a lot better, I was able to draw something out and understand what it was instead of drawing something and immediately regretting it
  2. The easy thing about this project was planning out the set up with this project.
  3. The challenging part of this project was figuring out what to put inside the frames that would go nicely with the color scheme.
  4. I could definitely improve this project by adding more to the frames, especially the extraterrestrial because I couldn’t think of what else to put in.
  5. I could use this to improve my next assignment by having it be more appealing to the eye with the colors I decide to use.

DMA 214: Project 1

  1. From this project I learned what gestalt is and how to use it.
  2. The easier parts of the project was to plan the layout of the assignment.
  3. The challenging part of the project was cutting it down and putting it on the board.
  4. The submission could be improved by having the dots to know where I should have cut.
  5. I could improve this for the next assignment by printing it out earlier because the work room got very crowded on the last day.
  6. I could use what I learned from this project to make advertisements more appealing