Project 3- Packaging Design

1. What did you learn?

I learned how to create a pattern in Adobe Illustrator.

2. What was easy?

It was easy to draw the cup and do the design.

3. What was challenging?

It was challenging to properly cut and fold the finished product.

4. How could your submission be improved?

My submission could be improved by redoing the mock-up and trying to fold it better.

5. How could the professor improve the assignment for the next class?

The professor could more clearly show how to properly fold the top of the carton step-by-step.

6. How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

I will apply this in the future when I might have to do mock-ups for a client.

7. How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?

My pattern was inspired by a latte art video I saw on TikTok.