Lab 1

Outside of card
Inside of card

I learned how to type text on a designated path, how to mask a layer, and how to draw objects with the brush or use shapes to build an object. I also learned how to make a psd a pdf and print the project.

It was easy to mask layers and add a background. It was challenging to figure out how to set a path for the text.

I could have added more to the inside of the card like another drawing with the pen or brush tool. The same way I made the balloons.

I don’t think there needs to be any improvements. Typing text on a path was the only part I struggled with.

I can use this knowledge to make any type of card or even mask layers to make a cool photograph for someone or myself.

This reading inspired me by the way it talked about photoshop changing what we think when we see an image. You might see an image that has been completely edited with photoshop, but technology is so advanced you would never know.

Lab 1 Discussion

We choose the pixels in part one to practice zooming into the photo to the point where we could select individual pixels. When zooming in on the photo we were able to select individual pixels to practice zooming in and out and to see the color of the individual pixel selected.

Step 12 made the image the selected width and size of our selected values that were entered in the control bar.

This image could be used for a photo of the apple itself or as a layer in another project in photo shop. You could use this apple as a logo or photo on your website.

Other ways you could generate imagery from scratch would be browse the internet for ideas and then use that as inspiration. From the inspiration you could think of an idea and transform the idea into imagery.


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