Project 3

Through the package design project, I got a better idea of how companies formulate their physical products, and specifically learned how to utilize tools such as the pen tool for the coffee cup graphic and the roughening of the rectangle. Setting up the initial design of the pattern with the previously-designed ‘Byrne Dairy’ logo was […]

Lab 6

Having finished the tracing of the cow image, there are parts of the remade image which are of higher quality than the original, and vice versa. Tracing the udders was particularly difficult to match with the original image, with the original looking better overall, but many of the lines from the original image were not […]

Lab 5

I found Lab 5 to be fairly simple, with the most difficult aspect of it being getting accurate gradients across the logo through the ellipses. The app’s tooltips are far and few between and requires either prior knowledge or learned knowledge to know what each individual slider and box does. Despite this, Figma’s user interface […]

Project 1: Portfolio Reflection

Throughout the process of making the portfolio, I learned more about photoshop, but also about InDesign, which I hadn’t ever used prior. I was able to figure out the different applications of the two softwares and where they differ despite their similarities. An example of this could be InDesign’s focus on individual pages in lieu […]

Lab 3

Of the three methods used, I prefer the magnetic lasso the most. It takes advantage of parts of a photo which stand out and is able to fairly accurately outline specifically what you are looking to cut. The only issue I can see arising is when there is little disparity between background and foreground, which […]

Lab One

Unsplash Photo The photo I used from unsplash is of significantly higher quality than the one I took with my phone’s camera, as the lighting of the photo was considered and specifically placed to show the details of the dolls. The depth of field also emphasizes the center-most doll, while blurring the others. This is […]