Final Project

For my final project, I had to create a movie that captures emotion. The emotion I attempted to convey was happiness. My project starred my dog Jazzy, at Ellicott Creek Island Dog Park. I did this by adding in happy music, to which I can imagine conveys the happiness Jazzy was feeling as she trotted around the dog park.

During this project, I enjoyed using each of the different programs. Creating on Garage Band, Adobe Premiere, and Adobe Animate was very interesting and fun to learn. Although using Premiere was enjoyable, I got frustrated towards the end as I kept receiving error messages. This made it difficult to edit clips. In addition, exporting the video caused it to look more grainy, which I was unable to fix. Overall, the project itself was very enjoyable.

My inspiration throughout this project was the article, “The Creative Apocalypse That Wasn’t“. This article was very interesting as it described the different career options in the music and digital fields, as well as the revenue acquired in each of those industries.

Unity Game

Project 3 was very complicated. Through the process of creating my game, I found it to be more complicated than I anticipated. At the same time, it surprised me how quickly a simple game could be created. I found that navigating the program was easy, and I enjoyed the layout a lot. Everything was right in front of me, so that made simple problems easy to fix.

Unfortunately, what I found to be a huge setback was how difficult it was to locate errors. That made things get frustrating very quickly, and I sometimes had to completely delete a file and start over. Had I had more time and patience, I definitely could have played around with the effects and details of my game more. Although the project was fun, I do not think I could have spent much longer using this program before I got agitated. For future classes and projects, I feel that it would be helpful to have an uploaded video regarding common errors and where to find them. For my own future assignments and work scenarios, I can use my basic knowledge of the program to either assist in projects or give input.

Nothing specifically inspired me but seeing my classmates’ work helped me a lot in fixing errors on my own game.

Project 2

Project 2 was all about using the program “Brackets” to create our personal resumes.

Through the completion of this project, I learned basic coding skills on the program, as well as general knowledge on what goes into a website.

Coding can be very intimidating, and it is definitely not my strong point which made me apprehensive to start this project. To my surprise, this project was actually very simple and the program was easy to navigate.

The only thing I found to be challenging about this project was during times where I accidentally deleted something; I had no idea how to undo anything.

To improve my submission, I’m sure I could have put more time and creativity into selecting different fonts.

I was very satisfied with the assignment and have no further suggestions for future classes.

This assignment taught me that there are many different ways to create a resume, and that creating a web page is not as difficult as it seems. I also learned to look into smaller details like different fonts for headings and being more creative with my resume instead of the typical black and white Times New Roman set up.

I wouldn’t say a specific reading or video inspired me, but I can say viewing my classmates work inspired me to be more creative and not stick to professional business norms when creating my resume.

Overall, I am very satisfied with this assignment and feel that I learned a lot.

Project 1

During this project, I learned some basic knowledge on Adobe Photoshop. I learned not only how to create a card using the program, but how to remove backgrounds, create layers, and how to edit them. I did not realize how complex the program truly was until attempting this project.

I found this project to be very difficult for me. It was very intricate and I found it to be very hard to follow. Once I got the hang of the different methods it was a lot easier to add different effects to my project.

There was definitely a lot of room to grow with this project. I could have added more effects, backgrounds, and layers. Given more time, I could have played with those a bit more. I could have also tied everything together more.

The way the project was demo’d was very helpful and informative. Although I had trouble with the project, I do not think there was anything that could have prevented my confusion besides further practice.

In future assignments and work scenarios, I can create simple edits on photos using basic tools on Photoshop.

During class, there were a few students that had really cool and more complex projects that really inspired to me add more effects to my own.