Project 1

During this project, I learned some basic knowledge on Adobe Photoshop. I learned not only how to create a card using the program, but how to remove backgrounds, create layers, and how to edit them. I did not realize how complex the program truly was until attempting this project.

I found this project to be very difficult for me. It was very intricate and I found it to be very hard to follow. Once I got the hang of the different methods it was a lot easier to add different effects to my project.

There was definitely a lot of room to grow with this project. I could have added more effects, backgrounds, and layers. Given more time, I could have played with those a bit more. I could have also tied everything together more.

The way the project was demo’d was very helpful and informative. Although I had trouble with the project, I do not think there was anything that could have prevented my confusion besides further practice.

In future assignments and work scenarios, I can create simple edits on photos using basic tools on Photoshop.

During class, there were a few students that had really cool and more complex projects that really inspired to me add more effects to my own.