DMA Project 3

Game design project

Overall I did not enjoy this project. I personally do not play games and didn’t look forward to having to create my own. I learned how to use some of the basic features of Unity but that was really it. All in all I learned that its best to be patient and fully read the instructions.

Nothing about this was easy, and everything about this was challenging. The instructions didn’t match ip with the Unity that I had downloaded which made it challenging to follow along. I was not familiar with Unity so learning another new program just to use it one time was really frustrating.

My submission could be improved if I followed along better and comprehended what I was actually doing. It’s also really hard to do all of this online and figure it out ourselves.

Better or clearer instructions could be given for the next class, or find a way to lessen the amount of work the project is.

I will probably not use this knowledge in the future, and I will avoid using Unity because I simply do not like the platform or process.

I didn’t use any additional resources aside from those on the schedule of classes. I wasn’t particularly inspired or looking forward to this project so I was happy to simply get to a point where I had something tangible to hand in.