DMA Project 4

Video Editing

Peace & Quiet

As I have done video editing before, I didn’t think that this project was that challenging. I did however learn how to add custom audio that I made using Audacity. Creating the audio to time it with the video required patience, but overall it was relatively easy.

My submission could be improved by possibly using a more varied selection of images, but I also think that the images and video I chose all fit together and have a cohesive theme.

In the future, I would definitely use the same program I used this time, as it was easy to navigate, and already on my computer. For inspiration, I used my house as I was enjoying a peaceful morning. I took images from my surroundings that reflected the “Peace & Quiet” feeling I was experiencing and combined them into one visual representation of the emotion I was feeling.

The quietness of the house with the soft ticking of the clock in the background sets the overall mood. The couch and soft textiles, the soft morning sun, the stillness of the trees out of my windows as the birds chirp all embody the “Easy like a Sunday morning” feeling that I tried to capture in my video. The stirring of my teacup and the pot on my stove shows the stillness as I sit and drink my tea.