Project 2 Concepts

After brainstorming some ideas for how I want to approach my second app, I thought of how much music means to me in my daily life, and how the social atmosphere from live music/concerts is gone. As a possible solution, I want to create an app that acts as a “virtual” concert, where users can follow artists who are a part of the app and plan live streams for scheduled dates. The user could then pick a “concert” date to attend, and on that day, the user can join a room where they can watch and hear their favorite artist perform, as well as chat with other virtual audience members.

Note: This idea is broad in scope and I am working on ways to narrow down its functionality and goal.

  1. I will solve the problem of artists losing revenue by providing a profitable subscription-based service, to help musicians accomplish earning money for “live” performances.
  2. I will solve poor streaming quality by providing live shows to be streaming based on the audience’s area , to help live music audiences accomplish a virtual concert experience as close to real life as possible.
  3. I will solve the disconnection of fan bases by providing a live chat room during shows to help “fandoms” and fan culture accomplish connection through music once again.
  4. I will solve ticket purchasing by providing a subscription service instead of individual tickets, to help listeners accomplish unlimited virtual concert attendance.
  5. I will solve finding artists by providing a genre-oriented database, to help fans accomplish finding new and current favorite artists more easily.
  6. I will solve user-testing by providing a free trial with no credit card requirement, to help potential users accomplish a trial of the app with no commitments to see if they want to purchase a subscription.