DMA Project 4

What did you learn?: I learned about filmmaking/video editing software and processes. What was easy?: Capturing footage was easy. I decided to film everything and anything, this gave me options to use in my video. What was challenging?: Editing the film on Adobe Premiere was difficult because there is so much going on within the… Continue reading DMA Project 4

DMA Project 3

What did you learn?: I learned about game design and how to work with 3D models. What was easy?: Painting the terrain was easy because it was all in a downloadable package. What was challenging?: Getting used to the software and controls to move around in Maya and Unity. How could your submission be improved?:… Continue reading DMA Project 3

DMA201 Project 2 What did you learn?: I learned about creating a successful website and the importance of making it visually appealing. What was easy?: Adding my resume was easy because I already had it written, I just needed to copy and paste it over to my website. What was challenging?: Creating the monogram was hard because… Continue reading DMA201 Project 2

DMA201 Project 1

What did you learn?: I learned about the basic functions of Photoshop. What was easy?: Coming up with the plan of action. I knew what I wanted to create, I just needed to learn the tools to bring it to life. What was challenging?: Keeping track of layers and mastering the object removing tool. How… Continue reading DMA201 Project 1

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