Project 4: Logos

What did you learn? In this project, I played with realism in a way I never really had before. I wanted to make my logos for the cans look like they could really be there. Messing with the image and trying to make them all look they were part of the same brand. What was […]

Project 3 – Menu

What did you learn? Playing with color to help make uniform art that looks connected. Also trying to find font that looks good with the art. What was easy? Set-up and putting it together What was challenging? Finding a good font and drawing the art. How could your submission be improved? Playing with the menu […]

Project 2 – Poster

What did you learn? Working in Illustrator, I was able to learn new ways to manipulate text as well as use clipping masking efficiently with patterns. What was easy? Coming up with the color scheme as well as a general idea of how I wanted the poster to look. What was challenging? Personally, trying to […]

Project 1 – DMA 395

What did you learn? I was able to learn more about the structure of Illustrator as well as how to change images from realistic to something that looks more like drawings. What was easy? Working with Procreate for my one image was easy since I already knew the program. I also knew how I wanted […]

Lab 1 – Danny Devito

What did you learn? In photoshop, we learned different ways to color and fill with an existing photo. How to use the smudge tool, mixer, and how to use the fill with the lasso tool. What was easy? Using the tools, like fill and smudge, were easy. It did take time however. What was challenging? […]

Project 4 – Map Infographics

For this project we created maps in illustrator for certain locations. I did Pioneer Camp & Retreat Center which I worked as a camp counselor for 2 years and went as a camper for over 10. The place is closing in 2021 so I figured doing it for my map would be a fun way […]

Project 3 – Package Design

We designed a package for Elmhurt. In the design I tried using earthy tones since the product is heavily based in that. I learned how to affect the text of on a line as well as create individual sections for color. Deciding how to formate the colors with the cup and apple into the design […]

Lab 5 – Pen Tool

What did you learn? I’ve never really used the pen tool, generally try to avoid it since I was never really taught how to use it. Working with it here helped me understand the tool better than before. What was easy? I think some of the stencils were easier than others, like the first, second, […]

Project 1 – Portfolio

What did you learn? I learned color contrast and fixing the photo to look better, but still realistic. What was easy? Knowing what colors I wanted to edit was easy. The photos without background noise were easier than ones I had to edit out things. What was challenging? editing out certain things as well as […]

Lab 3 Composite Images

what did you learn? I learned how to use, specifically, the lasso tool. Every time I’ve used photoshop and needed to cut something out, I’ve used the magnate or magic wand tool. I was interesting learning different techniques to get similar effect What was easy? Using the tools I’ve used before, but also following along […]