Lab 5 – Pen Tool

What did you learn? I’ve never really used the pen tool, generally try to avoid it since I was never really taught how to use it. Working with it here helped me understand the tool better than before. What was easy? I think some of the stencils were easier than others, like the first, second, […]

Project 1 – Portfolio

What did you learn? I learned color contrast and fixing the photo to look better, but still realistic. What was easy? Knowing what colors I wanted to edit was easy. The photos without background noise were easier than ones I had to edit out things. What was challenging? editing out certain things as well as […]

Lab 3 Composite Images

what did you learn? I learned how to use, specifically, the lasso tool. Every time I’ve used photoshop and needed to cut something out, I’ve used the magnate or magic wand tool. I was interesting learning different techniques to get similar effect What was easy? Using the tools I’ve used before, but also following along […]

Lab 2 – Retouching Images

On the left is the original while on the right is my thumbnail touchup. I wanted to use the lights to the photos advantage, though the photo isn’t the most high resolution. The left photo is the original and the right it the thumbnail touchup. I used the stamp and touchup tool to get rid […]

Lab 1: Acquiring Images

These were the photo that were scanned. The first is one of my own drawings, the second is a scanned penny, the third is a magazine cover, and the last is a public photo that was printed. All the images don’t have the best resolution. The penny in particular can barely been seen once zoomed […]

214 – Project 4

For this project we used text and color schemes to create stamps for a specific location. I did Ancient Greece because I thought I could have fun working with this myths and creating what maybe what we would have seen at the time if they had stamps. I was inspired to do this because of […]

Project 3 – Metaphors

In this project we worked in Photoshop and Illustrator to create a visual metaphor. I did “Love grows like a rose” and tried to visualize that by having a heart growing out of a flower stem. It was easy coming up with the idea as well as working in Photoshop with masking the images and […]

Project 2

We worked in Illustrator to create four scenes using different color schemes. we made a desert scene, space, underwater, and skyline city. For the desert scene I did analogous color scheme. Doing this scene I learned how to do opacity control for the shadow of the sand dunes. Doing the gradient was annoying until I […]

Project 1: DMA 214

In this project we worked in Illustrator and Figma to create black and white simple shaped telling of nursery rhymes. I haven’t worked with either program a lot so I learned about how to really use the programs. it was easy for me to visualize how I wanted my project to look, however putting it […]