DMA 384

Work from DMA 384, Typography. Lab 1:Figma: What did you learn? – How to manipulate and adjust text in Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign and Figma. What was easy? – Changing the fonts, downloading them, moving them. What was challenging? – Trying to manipulate each point was a bit tricky depending on the font (because there are […]

Project 2

What did you learn?I learnt how to make my own pattern that I could reuse at anytime What was easy?Creating the pattern and putting it on the layers was easy for me. What was challenging?Trying to perfect the font was challenging, because it took a lot of time of moving and adjusting. How could your […]

Project 1 – Digital Illustration

What did you learn? I learned how to use several different techniques to transform a photograph into what looks like a painting or digital illustration. What was easy? It was easy to figure out how to do the techniques, but took time once you started to do them. What was challenging? I am not really […]

Lab 1

What did you learn? – I learnt how to use different tools in photoshop along with different filter options. I’ve used Photoshop before but I have not experiemented with certain brushes, and have never thought to use the smudge tool as a brush. What was easy? – The filter option was the easiest, as it […]