Project 1

One thing I learned from this project is how easy it is to represent something using simple shapes. I was worried when I first heard about the project about how I would be able to represent the characters in the story. Once I got working though, I just kind of rolled with what came to my head. I think the most challenging part for me was the use of the rule of margins. I’ve always looked at the paper as the end of the frame, so if something comes to close to the edge, I never really thought about how to space it properly. Also I’ve never used any of the printing and mounting equipment before, so that was a struggle. What I learned from this assignment that I’ll carry to future assignments is that the answer isn’t always straight forward. I spent a decent amount of time thinking of how to draw the word “hush” before finally finding the answer. One interesting way to improve the assignment I think would be to allow students the use of one color other than black and white. That way if it’s difficult to represent something with shapes, they have a color you can use to identity it.