Blender Bar

For project 3, the idea was to create a brand or redesign of a product and create a promotional stand to promote your new idea. I decided to open a smoothie shop called “Blender Bar” with the concept similar to a subway, or a froYo shop where you pick everything you want in your smoothie… Continue reading Blender Bar


For project 2, I designed two posters and three different stickers. I began by editing the photos in photoshop and using the cut out tool to get the circles of the two stickers. From there I uploaded the files into Adobe illustrator to complete layering the photos on backgrounds and using different fronts for the… Continue reading GO BILLS

Project 4- Infographics

Project Questions: 1. What did you learn? I learned how to duplicate a map from google maps to make an info-graph on my selected area, in particular Batavia. 2. What was easy? 3. What was challenging? Some parts of the project were easier than others. The easy parts of the project was completing the banner,… Continue reading Project 4- Infographics

Project 3 Packaging design

1. What did you learn? This project taught me how to create different designs for packaging ideas. 2. What was easy? The packaging design was relatively easy. The only thing that I personally had a tough time with was creating the pattern to be the way I wanted and I could not get the pattern… Continue reading Project 3 Packaging design

Project 2

The above image was created using photoshop. The images incorporated are images from project 1. The five pictures used were of my dog, my two cats, makeup brushes, shower stream, and a page from a book. I used the oil paint filter on the cats, to portray them as “melting”. Using the blur effect and… Continue reading Project 2

Project #1

A Day in my Life A few things about this project that I learned was how to remove backgrounds, how to use indesign and how to do thumbnail images with brackets. Starting out, everything was pretty straightforward and easy, but then it started to get frustrating when indesign was not working correctly and my images… Continue reading Project #1

Lab one post

Unsplash vs. iPhone The photo I downloaded from Unsplash was clearly better than the one I captured. The photo from Unsplash has a subtle background and lighting to highlight certain areas of the cat’s fur. Compared to the image I captured, the background is very busy and takes your eyes off of the calico cat.… Continue reading Lab one post