Project 5: Summative

What did you learn?Well, I suppose I’ll use this as a way to summarize everything I’ve learned. For starters, I applied my knowledge of layouts to create a very packed stamp. There’s a lot going on in the stamps to keep your eyes occupied. Next, I used a color palette picker (, but I feel… Continue reading Project 5: Summative

Project 4: Typography

What did you learn?I found this very interesting because it allowed me to learn how to stylize my text. What fonts to use, where to place words, how to place words– all things I’ve learned during this project. What was easy? What was challenging?This is another visual imagery project– but with Typography instead of images.… Continue reading Project 4: Typography

Project 3: Images

What did you learn?This was my first time using Illustrator, so naturally, I was a bit out of my element here. I have used Photoshop in my Intro to DMA class, but we didn’t really learn how to edit real photos; mainly 2D graphics. So I learned a bit more about editing real photos and… Continue reading Project 3: Images

Digital Design Concepts: Blog Post #1: Twinkle Twinkle Project

What did I learn?I learned a couple of new things while doing this project. Using shapes to portray movement in media. Looking back; I can see a lot of the way brands use gestalt methods to make their logos appear more lively and painters use gestalt principles to make their work appear more lively. This… Continue reading Digital Design Concepts: Blog Post #1: Twinkle Twinkle Project

Project 2: A Movie App

To start off, this project was way more fun to complete. It gave me more creative liberty to do what I want and allowed me to explore my options more. Explore more options allowed me to experiment with new things such as scrolling and animations. I ended up finding out how to do new things… Continue reading Project 2: A Movie App

Project 1 Report

This project has helped me learn what my preference is when it comes to designs, I feel as if dark and bright colors such as grey and green work really well together, especially when it comes to UI. It’s a nice simplistic design that I think works really well. There were some easy parts of… Continue reading Project 1 Report

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