Project 1

  1. I learned in this project how to use most of the tool in photoshop to help me make a card.
  2. Finding the photos and using the text box was easy
  3. This challenging part of this project was trying to make the photos used in the card merge together and make it seen seamless.
  4. My submission could improve by matching the colors from the outside of the card to the inside of the card. My outside is roses and the inside is pink. I feel it could look a lot better.
  5. I believe that the professor did a great job on teaching the subject and walking around to see if students needed help on a certain part. What was also nice was the whole project was posted so if students knew what they were doing and wanted to work ahead they could.
  6. Being a computer science major I have many utilization of photoshop. such as creating animations.
  7. The videos for the project really helped me through parts I got stuck on and could go back to. For example, I forgot how to add noise to a layer so I looked back at the videos to figure it out.