Project 4

1. What did you learn?

I learned how to use adobe premiere and video editing.
2. What was easy?

Uploading the videos is very easy. I also liked the ability to edit them and shorten them if needed
3. What was challenging?

putting the effects on also I did my title in adobe which was tricky as well.
4. How could your submission be improved?

I could improve the video quality one of the videos was uploaded vertically even though filmed horizontal
5. How could the professor improve the assignment for the next class?

The professor did a great job in helping with filming and doing audio songs.
6. How might you apply your knowledge in future assignments or work scenarios?

I really do like video editing and could see a future in which I edit my kids highlight tapes or other videos I film.
7. How did a specific reading or video inspire or help you?

The video from when we first went over adobe premiere really helped me understand how to use it.